2017 6000 Light Hot Farm Tractor

Richard Taylor (270) 622-1657

Barry Wright

General Rules

1. Tractors in the class will represent any year sheet metal

2. Limited to a box, bone-stock 3LM466 turbocharger, sealed at beginning of season, Must be the factory exhaust housing supplied with the turbo. "small" motors with small base exhaust will run with 3LM466 adapted to fit their exhaust manifold. All turbo inspections will be done by SKPP Parts for this class, 270-590-0020 or turbos can be supplied through SKPP.

3. Injection Pumps: Rotary and 10mm A pump allowed all CID combinations. P Pump allowed 399CID and below only. No electronic pumps allowed.

4. 480 CIDmaximum cid, 1% variance. No decubing allowed to meet spec.

5. 0-399cid, 3500rpm. 400-480cid, 3000rpm monitored by sensor (sensor part # isspro R8906). No splices in harness allowed from sensor point to plug at back of tractor. No computers

6. No water injection, no intercoolers or aftercoolers

7. OEM exhaust and intake manifolds only for engine series used. No recast heads No profab-style transmissions.

8. Diesel Fuel only; no pressurized power-adders (propane, nitrous, etc) of any kind allowed. No compressed gases of any kind allowed as additive.  Must pass Styrofoam cup test.  Random fuel checks can be completed by a 4 minute cup test or dialect test with a maximum reading of 5.

9. Front of tractor weights cannot measure beyond 13 feet of centerline of rear axle. All tractors must have front lifting device for towing

10. 18.4x38 tires maximum, any cut, radials allowed, 18.4r or metric equivalent. 460/85 R38 or 480/80 R38

11. Hitch can be no more than 20 inches in height, a minimum of 18 inches from centerline of rear axle.

12. No shifting up or down while in competition.

13. Drivers 14 years and older allowed. Any driver under 18 requires parental consent.

14. To encourage variety in class, Sheet metal/Rear end/transmission must be 1980 or older and match OEM. Engine can be in series with same OEM as Sheet metal/transmission/rear. (Examples of possible combinations: 5.9 Cummins with M5 Moline metal/UTS rear, 478 Hercules with 1800 rear/1950 sheet metal, Ford Commander sheet metal/5000 rear/Genesis engine, Allis 180 with 426, IH M rear/450 Sheetmetal/400 series engine) Numerous combinations possible!




Safety Rules

1. SFI approved steel flywheels and scatter blankets required.

2. Tie bars required.

3. Helmets and Fire Suits required, must have a fire extinguisher on-board mounted for quick access.

4. Roll cages, minimum 2-bar assemblies, high-back seat with 5-point harness required.

5. Guillotine Air Shut-off required. On-board fuel shut-off must be accessible from strapped-in position.

6. Deadman throttle required.

7. Wide front ends only.

8. Wheelie bars required, with 4x4 pads that are no more than 10 inches off ground. Wheelie bars must be able to support weight of tractor independently.

9. No hanging weights can extend beyond rear tire. Tractor must 200lbs moveable weight.

10. Side shields required

11. (2) 3/8ths bolts fitted in a cross pattern on exhaust side required.

12. Fenders must extend above top of tire.



1.            Only fully paid members who have made at least 35% of the pulls for this class will have voting rights at the annual class meeting.

2.            A puller must attend at least 35% of the pulls scheduled for this class to receive points money.

3.            Payout for this class will be $760: $350, $175, $100, $75, $60.