2018 6200 Super Street 4WD

Class Spokesman:

Dennis Alexander   (859) 302-1312


Frankie Lefler  (606) 872-3635

1.     No nitrous oxide allowed.

2.     Hitch height 26.  Hitch hole must be 3 wide by 3 long.

3.     No part of front weight bracket to extend more than 60 from center of front differential.  Small tow hook or D ring allowed for towing purposes.

4.     Hitch point must be at least 36% of wheelbase. Measure from center of rear differential to the back of hole.

5.     One gas only carburetor.  No fuel injection.  Must be naturally aspirated, no turbo, no nitrous additive, no alcohol, no oxygenated fuels. No stretched carburetor.  Carburetor must fit under hood (scoop is part of hood) and can be used with cast iron or aluminum manifolds. No tunnel ram types. Two-inch maximum spacer allowed. No welded on spacers allowed.  Air cleaner may exit hood with adequate clearance.  No cutting or stretching intakes and welding back together.  No sheet metal intakes.  No tunnel ram type intakes.  May port and polish and gasket match on intakes.

6.   Aluminum or cast iron heads.  Ford can run up to an A head.  Dodge may run BI heads.  No HEMI heads.  No homemade heads. No C heads. Ford can run up to an A head no lower than 11 degree valve angle.   Dodge may run B1 head no lower than 14 degree valve angle.  No Hemi heads.  GM heads no 18 degree valve angle or lower heads allowed.GM style heads port must measure 4.100 maximum port width and .415 maximum space between runners.  Ford style heads port must measure 6.850 maximum port width and 2.950 maximum space between runners.  The entire height of port excluding corners radius measurements are taken at intake manifold flange and can be smaller.

7.  Tires must be DOT legal, no larger than 33 x 12.50.

8.  Open headers allowed, can be down swept or upright.

9.   Pro fab or factory transfer case allowed.  Pro fab is allowed for old style only.

10. Wheelbase maximum is 134 (Tow hook not considered part of measurement).

11. 509 cubic inch limit.

12. Must have SFI safety approved bell housing blanket IF automatic Must have SFI approved harmonic balancer or cover.

13. 1-1/2 ton rear ends allowed, no military rear ends.

14. Differential housings can be no larger than a 106 housing.

15. The rear of engine block to center of front axle can be no LESS than 12 inches.

16. Trucks must have fender wells, sheet metal, or aluminum to cover motor from end to end.

17. Trucks must be full body.  No Rangers, S10s, etc bodies.  Engine make must match make of body.

18.  Random fuel tests will be performed

19.  Fully comply with all KOTTPA General and Safety Rules

20.  Rules are locked for 3 seasons, 2018-2020



1.         Only fully paid members who have made at least 50% of the pulls for this class will have voting rights at the annual meeting of the class.

2.         A puller must attend at least 50% of the pulls schedules for this class to receive points money.

3.         Payout for this class $900: $375, $250, $150, $75, $50